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Sustainable Development Goals Haiku winner and runners-up announced!

July 22, 2014

My deeply non-poetic SDG Haikus were:

LDCs need more
Productive capacity,
Not market access.


Don’t forget about
Building strong economies.
Poverty matters. - what comes after the MDGs?

Last week marked another milestone in the long and winding process to define a new global development agenda.  Governments concluded a year’s work in an ‘open working group’, to propose a set of new Sustainable Development Goals (or SDGs).

To celebrate the group’s final meeting, @clairemelamed and @PJLaddpost2015 initiated a twitter Haiku competition.  We could claim that it was a serious effort to explore the various topics in the agenda through the medium of poetry.  Actually, it was the work of about 10 seconds in the coffee break at a MY World planning meeting.  But anyway. The simple rule: a Haiku is a three line poem, with 5,7 and 5 syllables on each respectively.

The competition unleashed an incredible number of so far hidden poetic souls among the wonks and diplomats of sustainable development. The entries numbered in the hundreds …..

Below we list ten(-ish) of our favourites, but with…

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