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Articles and comment for The Guardian, BBC, United Nations, ABC radio, CNBC, Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Associated Press, The Scotsman, Asiaweek and various national media.


The need directly to target sustainable productive capacity in least developed countries, UN International Support Measures Portal for Least Developed Countries, 30 June 2021

Productive capacity as resilience in the least developed countries, UN International Support Measures Portal for Least Developed Countries Portal, 22 May 2021

Smooth transition for graduating LDCs under the EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism, UN International Support Measures for Least Developed Countries Portal, 4 May 2021

Quoted in ‘LDC Graduation – Milestone or Millstone?,’ Vanuatu Business Review, December 2020

Least developed country graduation and COVID-19, Trade for Development News webinar, 28 May 2020

Six suggestions for improving support to least developed countries, Trade for Development News, 19 May 2020

Time to get serious about support for the Pacific’s least developed countries, Pacific Outlook, Griffith University, 11 May 2020

Leaving no-one behind: New help for graduating least developed countries (part II), Trade for Development News, 28 January 2020

Leaving no-one behind: New help for graduating least developed countries (part I), Trade for Development News, 14 January 2020

Working Together For Lao PDR’s Sustainable LDC Graduation, Lao News Agency, 8 October 2019

For the least developed countries, revitalising multilateralism is life or death (with Kevin Gallagher), UN Sustainable Development Goals website, 29 August 2019

Video on UN least developed country category, 8 March 2019

Interviewed in ‘Bhutan’s LDC graduation likely to be deferred to 2023,’ Bhutan Broadcasting Service, 17 August 2018

Daniel Gay: The long and winding road to LDC graduation, 27 July 2018

Facebook live interview on least developed country graduation, 6 March 2018

Leaving the LDC category: Booming Bangladesh prepares to graduate, UN DESA Voice, 31 January 2018

Interview on Global Connections TV, 1 January 2018

What LDC graduation will mean for Bangladesh’s drugs industry, UN least developed countries portal, 18 December 2017

Booming Bangladesh welcomes LDC graduation, UN least developed countries portal, 30 October 2017

Quoted in ‘UNDESA meets FBCCI chief,’ Bangladesh Daily Sun, 11 October 2017

PACER Plus: Disappointment and lost opportunity, Vanuatu Business Review, 17 June 2017

Quoted in ‘PACER Plus focus not right for the Pacific,’ ABC News radio, 14 June 2017

PACER Plus: Disappointment and lost opportunity, Matangi Tonga, 10 June 2017

Building Productive Capacity for LDC Graduation, Kuensel (Bhutan), 18 February  2017

UNDESA Workshop Successfully Held at the CNSE, Beijing, 18 November 2016

Cover story in the Vanuatu Business Review, The taxman cometh, 4 August 2016

Interview on Turkey’s global news channel, TRT World, about the least developed countries, 29 May 2016

Quoted in ‘More action needed for countries to graduate from LDC group,’ UN Radio, 29 May 2016

High-tech dreams in the land of the thunder dragon, UN DESA, 2 May 2016, New York

Tackling production in the least developed countries, UN DESA Voice, Vol 20, No. 03 – March 2016

The non-economics of desperate Dave, Bella Caledonia, 12 January 2015

Comment about Scottish independence on Reuters, 17 September 2014

Opinion: Boosting the domestic economy is the key to raising Papua New Guinea growth, Business Advantage PNG, 13 August 2014

Market access alone won’t boost trade, Islands Business, 18 July 2014

Interview (21 min 30 secs) on ABC Radio Australia on trade in the Pacific islands, 22 July 2014

Pacific Islands: market access alone won’t boost trade, Lowy Institute for International Policy, 17 July 2014

How to blow $2.6 billion in a decade, Lowy Institute for International Policy, 23 May 2014

The untold story of the Pacific islandsThe Guardian website, 20 November 2013

Bypass the BankersRenegade Economist, 11 July 2012

Daniel Gay: World first for ScotlandThe Scotsman 17 May 2012

The Economics Spring, Renegade Economist, 5 April 2012

Daniel Gay: Singapore an example for Scotland to follow, The Scotsman 8 March 2012

Daniel Gay: Sterling Scotland’s best optionThe Scotsman 15 February 2012

Small island states lovely but expensivePacific Islands Business 2011

Featrured in ‘A crisis of economics,’ The Guardian, The Business podcast 25 November 2009

Huntington ignorance, letter to Prospect magazine, 11 February 2009

Quoted in ‘One thing is clear from the history of trade: protectionism makes you rich,’ The Guardian, 9 September 2008

The impact of the weak dollar, commentary for Public Radio International, 9 January 2008

Escaping the arc of instabilityPacific Islands BusinessMay 2007

Asia’s stem cell savantAsiaweek magazine, 24 August 2001

Slumping tigers, driven dragonAsiaweek magazine, 27 July – 3 August  2001

Time to pay the piperAsiaweek magazine, July 13 2001

A virtual front lineAsiaweek magazine, 22 June 2001

The neighbourhood’s on fireAsiaweek magazine, 4 May 2001

Letter in Time magazine, March 15 1999