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Tony Blair’s biggest achievement

December 8, 2009

In response to the question ‘What is your biggest achievement?’, Margaret Thatcher is supposed to have replied ‘Tony Blair’.

Is David Cameron Tony Blair’s crowning victory?

John Harris, writing in The Guardian:

“I spent some time last weekend in Norfolk,” Farage tells me. “I stayed at a country house, and went shooting with seven land-owning, farming-stroke-business Norfolk types. One of the people I shot with gives the party a very large sum of money every year. That’s just one segment of England, but it’s what you would call classic Tory territory.

“For them, the breach of the promise on a treaty referendum is pretty fundamental stuff. They’re also becoming increasingly uncomfortable about the whole issue of global warming. Cameron’s encouragement and support for wind farm projects, a belief in increasing green taxes – well, that’s the second area where they find themselves at total variance to him. The third is tax, where the acceptance of the 50p band links into the idea that there’s no real difference between him and Labour. The fourth I would go with, which came through very strongly in Norfolk, was education: the fact that Cameron has turned his back on the principle of selective education.”

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